Effective Home Workouts

Create effective home workouts in seconds

Why we made WOD.52

Sometimes life gets too busy, which gets in the way of daily workouts. This is why we created the WOD.52. This is a deck of cards people can use while traveling or for home workouts. Create effective bodyweight workouts in seconds that can be done at home, in a hotel room, or anywhere there is enough space to move comfortably.

How to shuffle a workout

There are 4 different cards. Warm Up, Style, Movement and Joker cards. Shuffle your workout in 3 easy steps explained below.

1. Draw a Style card

The Style card shows the type of workout you'll be doing. There are 8 different Style cards in the deck.

2. Draw Movement cards

Follow the instructions on the Style card and draw Movement cards for the workout. There are 24 movements cards in the deck.

3. Draw Warm-up and Joker cards

Optional, draw a Warm-up card and as many Joker cards as you want. There are 7 Warm-up cards and 10 Joker cards in the deck. You are now ready for your workout.